Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization & Weed Control Greensboro, GA Every landscape requires care and regular attention to grow healthy and maintain its sustainability and resilience. Sometimes, property owners manage a few landscaping tasks like mowing, and essential tasks like fertilization take a back seat.

This is where we at Stone Ridge Landscaping come in. We are a leading company in the industry and have been handling residential and commercial landscaping projects in and around Greensboro for a long time now.

Residential Lawn Fertilization Solutions

It can be time-consuming and tedious to manage lawn and landscape maintenance tasks yourself. The best way to ensure that your plantings and lawns are cared for is to hire experienced landscaping professionals like us. We offer the best fertilization plans and can incorporate these in broader landscape care packages. This specialized job needs knowledge and expertise.

All plants are different, and not all fertilizer products work for all plants and grasses. Before we start treating your landscape, we assess which plants and shrubs you have and use suitable products in the installations. Our company focuses on creating sustainable landscapes, and a large part of this is about using organic fertilizers and pest control products, safe for humans and beneficial for your plants.

Custom Fertilization Programs

We also create customized residential and commercial fertilization plans, so your landscape thrives. Healthier plants and lawns are resilient and do not get affected by pest infestations as much as untreated plantings. They are also more resistant to pest and fungal infestations.

When designing fertilization programs, our landscapers consider several aspects, including the types of plants and grasses, the soil type, and local climatic conditions. This approach helps ensure that your landscape stays resilient, healthy, and looking great. We space fertilizer applications over several months, and we treat the plantings with high organic plant foods and weed control products.

The timing and frequency of these applications are crucial in maintaining overall plant health. When you contact us with your requirements, our team will visit your property and understand what types of plantings you have. They will also check whether you have any other landscape maintenance requirements.

As mentioned earlier, fertilization is typically part of landscape care plans that include mulching, mowing, aerating, pest control, trimming, pruning, and more. We always adopt a holistic approach so that your landscape looks great, stays healthy and resilient enough to endure exposure to the elements.

Weed Control

We at Stone Ridge Landscaping are a full-service landscaping company catering to residential and commercial clients in and around Greensboro. Our team of experts knows what it takes to provide clients with the best and most cost-effective pre-emergent weed control solutions. These applications help prevent weeds from growing in your lawns. It is a great way to keep your grass weed-free and healthy. The treatment’s effects can last for up to six months if kids, pets, or digging activities do not disturb these areas.

Property owners need to recognize that even the most high-quality products will not be able to remove the weeds from your garden entirely without causing some amount of harm to the grass as well. Our solutions are practical, and we also de-weed your garden during this period. Our team will install pre-emergent weed control products when they are installing mulch.

Landscape De-Weeding Services

Many property owners find it challenging to control weed growth in their garden because these plants' seeds become airborne very quickly, settling in various areas of your landscape. Ultimately, you find that weeds have invaded your lawns, flowerbeds, and other garden areas.

When you hire skilled professionals like us, we will handle your landscape weed control requirements to industry standards. Typically, our clients opt for landscape maintenance solutions, and we include weed control into these contracts. We know from experience that timely intervention goes a long way in preventing extensive weed growth in your landscape.

Scheduled Weed Control Applications

In addition to pre-emergent weed control, we also offer post-emergent weed control services. The team will complete this job skillfully and carry out soil aeration and organic fertilizer treatments at specific times. As a company with extensive experience in residential and commercial landscape maintenance, you can trust that we will create customized plans that meet your requirement.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn't take very long for weeds to infiltrate various areas of your landscape. It is why we encourage our clients to contact us the minute they notice weed growth in the outdoor spaces. We are very prompt in our approach, and our team will visit your property, assess the landscape, and provide the best solutions.

If you want more information about these services or want to discuss your project requirements, please call Stone Ridge Landscaping at 706-817-1186. You can also send us your queries via this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.

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