Ground Cover

Ground Cover, Greensboro, GA As a full-service landscape company, we at Stone Ridge Landscaping offer our clients comprehensive solutions. In addition to installing different types of plants and shrubs and we also provide water-efficient landscaping services. Ground cover is a big part of this concept.

Lawns have a specific purpose in landscapes. They create the perfect contrast to elements like flower beds in the garden or yard. The grass also becomes an indispensable aspect of a landscape if you have children, and your family likes to indulge in outdoor activities. Most property owners feel that grass must cover all the areas not occupied by flowerbeds or plantings with grass.

However, this can create monotony in the outdoor spaces, and maintaining lawns is quite a task. You need to mow the grass at least every fortnight to keep it healthy and manicured. Water is a precious commodity, and expansive lawns require a significant amount of water to keep the grass alive. Many people now focus on creating low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and water-efficient landscapes, and groundcover is integral to this concept.

What Is Ground Cover?

Ground cover is a term used to describe low-growing plants (except for grasses) installed in landscaped areas. Most ground covers are evergreen, perennial plants that spread or sprawl across large areas. These hardy plants are resilient and do not require large amounts of water to survive.

There are ground covers of different heights, and you need to consider several factors before planting them. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will help you choose the right type of ground cover. Some things we keep in view while making recommendations include:

  • Height, color, and texture considerations
  • Soil, climatic and environmental conditions (shady/sunny, moist/dry) where you want to install them
  • The size of the areas where you want to install groundcover is another deciding factor. If you're going to cover a larger area, we will suggest only fast-spreading, affordable, and reliable ground covers.

Benefits of Ground Cover

Sometimes, property owners wonder whether there are any distinct advantages to installing ground cover. We know from experience that there are several benefits to it, such as:

  • Creates larger permeable surfaces in your landscape, allowing more water to seep into the ground and replenish the underground water table.
  • Require minimal shearing or mowing, making them a low-maintenance alternative to lawns.
  • They are ideal as buffer areas around trees and landscaping elements
  • Suitable for covering the ground in heavily shaded areas where the conditions are not suitable for grass growth
  • Water-efficient and widely used in Xeriscaping (drought-resistant landscapes)

Cost-Effective Ground Cover Solutions

Since there are different types of ground cover, our experts work with you, making sure they understand your specific requirements. They will then provide solutions that align with your needs and budget. We source the best ground cover plants from reputable local nurseries, and you can be sure that they will be resilient and long-lasting.

We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide our clients with top-quality ground cover installations. For additional information about these and our other services, please call Stone Ridge Landscaping at 706-817-1186. Alternatively, send us your queries via this Online Form, and we will contact you shortly.

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