Landscape Drainage

Landscape Drainage, Greensboro, GA Every property owner likes to ensure they have well-designed and well-laid-out outdoor spaces. You need to maintain the right balance of softscaping and hardscaping to create a balanced, sustainable landscape. In addition to all the visible features, there are other aspects to focus on as well. The irrigation and landscape drainage systems on your property are crucial to the health and longevity of the features in the outdoor spaces.

Landscape Drainage Planning

Most property owners focus on selecting the correct elements, features, materials, and styles to create aesthetically appealing spaces. However, without the correct type of drainage systems, your plantings and masonry elements will deteriorate quickly. When you hire skilled and experienced landscapers like us, you can be sure that we will keep all these aspects in view. When we handle landscaping projects for our clients, we also plan, design, and install the landscape drainage correctly.

We know how vital the drainage system is to have a functional and stable landscape, and our experts always keep this in view. We have detailed discussions with you to understand your needs and survey the landscape. Our experts will also understand which plantings, masonry elements, flowerbeds, etc., you want.

Types Of Landscape Drainage Systems

We ensure that the garden drains are perfect in every way and function as expected. We incorporate different types of drains in landscapes based on the layout, spread, slope, and grading, such as:

  • Channel Drains- These features are ideal for handling lawn and patio runoff, and we also use them as sidewalk drainage. They help direct all the excess water and drain away from the property towards the main city drains.

  • Area Drains- We connect these simple drains directly to a more complex network of underground landscape drains, and they are perfect for low-lying areas. We typically install these in regions that experience excessive rainfall or landscapes where the chances of flooding are higher.

  • French Drains- If there are raised planters in your landscape, you also need customized landscape drainage to channel the water away from those areas. French drains are incredibly effective in this respect. In these systems, we wrap landscaping fabric around the drains, covering them with rocks and stones. This installation improves the ground's permeability and helps prevent drain clogs.

Custom Designed Landscape Drainage Systems

We have the expertise to handle big and small drainage installations and tailor our services to your needs. While we never compromise quality, you will find that we maintain a very reasonable drainage system cost. We use high-grade drainage products that function flawlessly and last long. Our company is committed to providing you value for money no matter how simple or complex your requirements are.

We have the experience, resources, and skills to provide our clients with top-notch landscape drainage installations. For any more information or details about these services, please call Stone Ridge Landscaping at 706-817-1186. Alternatively, please send us your queries through this Online Form, and one of our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements and kickstart your project.

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